Erasmusproject in Tsjechië met TTO leerlingen

1 april 2019

Keep Fit and Be Healthy in Liberec-Tsjechië

At 14:20, we flew to Prague where we started our week long journey in the Keep Fit and Be Healthy programme. We arrived in Prague Airport where we took the bus along our Romanian friends to the beautiful city of Liberec!

We arrived at the modern library where the Czech kids showed us many different kinds of modern and traditional dances along with some exceptional judo skills. It was very impressive to watch all the students put so much time and effort into organizing a wonderful welcome.

After the welcome at the library, we were welcomed a second time, and more officially, at the beautiful city hall of Liberec. This town hall was inspired by the Vienna town hall and it really shows. Two city officials gave welcome gifts to the students and told them a little history of the beautiful city.

When this was finished, we were allowed to climb the town hall tower which led to some spectacular views!

When the welcome was finished, the students had the opportunity to climb and practice bouldering. Many Czech students were very experienced in rock climbing and while the students proved to be very agile, the teachers had quite a bit of trouble keeping up!

On Tuesday we visited the Czech school where the students were following workshops. They could cook a Czech salad, practice their judo skills and keep fit and be healthy by trampoline jumping. Most students were exhausted by the trampoline jumping but thought it was a lot of fun nonetheless! Normally the Dutch students bring their own lunch to school so it was an entirely new experience for them to eat (warm) lunch at school!

Wednesday the students visited Czech Paradise along with Rock City. This is a beautiful hiking trail through the forest which ended with a splendid view across the Liberec region. The magnificent rock formations were something our students had never seen before. After the hiking trip we went to Liberec’ highest mountain where the students had a view of the city of Liberec. On a clear day you could even see the Polish/ German border!

Thursday we took a trip to the capital city of the Czech Republic Prague. After a trip with the metro we arrived in the heart of Prague where we took a stroll through the city. As the weather was absolutely beautiful, the cherry trees were in full blossom throughout the city. Climbing a hill, we had an amazing view of the city. The last leg of the journey on foot was towards the famous clock tower and the Charles bridge. Prague has definitely left a lasting impression on us!

Our last day in Liberec started with European Workshops where the children learned useful and fun information about the European Union and Romania, Czech Republic and The Netherlands in general. The entire day was aimed at gathering as much information as possible as we took a trip to Liberec’s IQ Landia where science and technology were exhibited for the students to interact and play with. The students could experience an earthquake and could find out a lot about the human body. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that everybody learned a lot.

We ended the evening with a great farewell party close to the school. The students (and teachers!) danced and had a great time. Many wished the night would last a lot longer.

Finally, the students really did not want to leave so soon already after having made wonderful friends. Students shed tears and said their goodbyes but brought with them to the Netherlands, a wealth of new experiences. The students learned a lot about health and food making the Keep Fit and Be Healthy project a great success.

TTO teachers Ingrid Dofferhof and Alfons Vergouw

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